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Daikin Heat Pump systems are an excellent retrofit solution for existing homes that that want both improved comfort and low energy bills. Multi-zone split systems

Daikin Altherma, an air-to-water heat pump, has been tested and installed in some of the most demanding heating location and has proven to be reliable. Daikin Air To Water Heat Pump

Altherma save big money on home construction. The construction heating bills dropped from around $700 per month to $170 per month. The project was a huge success! So much so, that builder Don Young, of Don Young & Associated has spec’d the system out on sevveral of his client projects! A single system for radiant heating, forced air cooling, and domestic hot water.

Daikin Altherma system enhances the existing radiant system installed and it’s virtually maintenance free. Daikin Altherm System

Daikin designs and installs an HVAC system that rivals the efficiency of a geothermal system without the costly earth loop. Daikin Altherma system with solar thermal integration.

Daikin VRV-S systems with slim duct fan coils. Daikin delivers a compact, energy efficient system that operates with auxiliary power and compatible with the home automation system. Daikin VRV System

Architect, Jayna Cooper wanted to maximize her living space but the heating and cooling equipment would require setting aside scarce space to accommodate bulky HVAC ductwork. Daikin 4-port multi-split ductless system.

Daikin’s super high-efficiency Quaternity ™ heat pump system cools, heats can dehumidify to a relative humidity setting as well as effectively filter and clean the air. Daikin delivers absolute home comfort to Canadian homeowner

This homeowner wanted a new house with all the charm of a 142-year old historic lighthouse but with none of the worries about high energy bills. Daikin VRV heating and cooling system